Department of Pathological Anatomy

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Department of Pathological Anatomy

Department of Pathological Anatomy BSMU

Staff of the Department of Pathological Anatomy in 2009

Department of Pathological Anatomy at the Bashkir Medical Institute, received its first students in 1934. Organizer and first head of the department was Professor Z. Morgenstern (1934-1937). Subsequently, the department is temporarily headed by Assistant Professor NI Churbanov (1937-1938) and LN Popov (1938-1940). In the first years of its faculty members defended a doctoral dissertation (ZI Morgenstern) and a Ph.D. (LN Popov). The main scientific directions was to study amyloidosis of internal organs, endocrine pathology. Department located in the educational building on the BMI Frunze Street, clinical base was 1-I City Hospital (now – Veterans Hospital).
In 1940 the post of head of department, was elected VA Zhuhin, who previously worked in the Turkmen State Medical Institute (Ashkhabad). For a quarter century, he was the head of the department and contributed greatly to the improvement of its educational-methodical and research components. He headed the Department of relief for over 25 years and is considered the founder of her work as a valuable teaching and methodical, scientific research and clinical departments of the Institute. The period from 1940 to 1965 was marked by real flowering of research in the field of pathology. Zhuhina prepared by 2 doctors (TS Sunargulov and AF Valiahmetov) and 15 Candidates of Medical Sciences, published over 150 scientific papers, organized 20 pathology departments throughout Bashkortostan. Peru Professor VA Zhuhina owns about 60 scientific papers in which different issues are developed pathology of brucellosis in humans, Pathogenesis and Pathomorphology malnutrition and pathologic manifestations and consequences of experimental decerebration, morphology and morphogenesis of gunshot injuries complicated by traumatic sepsis. The latter work was awarded to the All-Union Competition studies on the experience of Soviet medicine during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. In the postwar years, the department studied blastomogenic properties Bashkir oil and its derivatives, organic sulfur compounds, aerosols, silica, some herbicides. The results of these studies formed the basis of the book \”Some questions of hygiene and occupational diseases. In 1955-1959 he studied the effect of some antibiotics on the normal and pathological morphology of organs and tissues, the efficacy and toxicity. The results of this collective work presented at the III All-Union Congress of Pathologists (Kharkov). Since the early 60-ies at the department laid a new direction, which will be carried out scientific-research activities for the next 40 years – the study of pathological changes in the human body under the influence of refined petroleum products and other occupational factors. Under this theme the Department actively cooperates with the Ufa Institute of Occupational Diseases. The results of the work being done repeatedly reported in various scientific forums: the All-Union Conference on occupational diseases (VA Zhuhin, TS Sunargulov, AF Valiahmetov, M. G. Ibragimov), All-Union Conference on Geographic Pathology (VA . Zhuhin, TS Sunargulov), the scientific sessions of the Bashkir Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (AF Valiahmetov, VA Zhuhin), scientific conferences of the Bashkir Medical Institute (MG, Ibrahimov, AF Valiahmetov). A great contribution to the work of the department of this period have assistants VN Boutique, AA Feofanova, T. B. Spassky, M. Ibrahimov, A. Sh Mazitov, VI Battalova. The department was established museum macropreparations, each year expanding their funds, allowing students to study the manifestations of disease, with specific examples, organized by its own histological and photographic laboratory. A number of products manufactured back in that period, are stored in the cathedral museum so far. Given the enormous contribution of VA Zhuhina in the development of the department and school Bashkir pathologists, in 2004, the Department of Pathologic Anatomy named after him.
From 1965 to 1976. department was headed by a talented pupil VA Zhuhina Professor TS Sunargulov. Under his leadership, teaching and methodical, scientific research and clinical work of the department has continued in the tradition established by his teacher. During this period, the department defended 4 doctor (AG Gabbasov, NP Nikov, AF Valiahmetov, AH Giniyatullina) and 13 Ph.D. theses. Staff of the Department replenished by young assistants AA Gizatullin and ZI Dashka (1965), RM Gubaidullin (1966), RA Badamshina and LB Kalimullin (1967), VG Gilyov (1971), VV Pushkarev (1972), then who gave many years of work at the department. Department staff have provided advice in the performance of morphological sections of research in other parts of IIP, Institute of Occupational Diseases, Institute of Eye Diseases and other practical help to doctors. In 1973 he was assimilated by the additional clinical base for students of the department of pediatric faculty in the Clinical Hospital No 13.
The head of the department from 1976 to 1988. was Professor AF Valiahmetov. The Department has continued research in the framework of a given subject, each year the department were trained over 500 students, allocated items – biopsy-section rate. In 1984 the department moved to a specially constructed building on the basis of a new municipal hospital No 21. Due to this, students had the opportunity to learn the subject directly in the autopsy room and consolidate the theoretical knowledge into practice. Staff of the department joined the young professionals GR Valeeva, L. S. Safinova, VV Popuchiev and IM Salakhov. The department was called to order laboratory histochemistry, on the basis of which was that a number of serious scientific work. In addition to the professional pathology much attention was paid to the analysis of mortality. On the recommendation of the Ministry of Health BASSR studied various mortality rates in the cities of Ufa and Sterlitamak, infant mortality, its structure, etc.
From 1988 to 2000, the department was in charge of Professor VG Gilev, which at one time was a graduate student of Professor VA Zhuhina. The teaching process was improved, introducing new forms and methods of teaching. Continued scientific research and practical assistance to health care. In 80-90-ies of the last century, the Department continued to examine the analysis of the structure of adult and child mortality in the city of Ufa in the comparative aspect (the southern and northern parts of the city), the influence of environmental factors and industrial production at these rates, including factors of small intensity, cumulating their actions. The data presented at scientific and practical conference \”The city, the environment, man\” (1989). As part of the All-Union program to study the cardiovascular pathology staff of the department studied the epidemiology and prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in the cities and districts of our republic. The results of this work have been published and reported to the Workshop on the Federal Program \”Epidemiology of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis in different regions of the country\” (1989).
In all the years of faculty actively teaching assistants were laboratory. In addition to technical and economic security are actively involved in the production of macro-and micropreparations. In different years the department laboratory technicians working AV Dubkova, KA Mikryukova, IM Shabashkin, G. Chirkov, E. Kashkartseva, V. Manuilov, S. Siraeva, FR Valiullina, SA Poberezhnikova, S. Bulgakov, Yuri A. Petrov, S. Salakhova, G. Nurgaleeva, M. Hoffman. For many in the department working laboratory NU Yagudin, M. Kogan, L. Galina, RM Gubaidulina. Senior laboratory were T. Saviour, T. Baikov, GA Eremeeva. Laborantsky composition has sufficient knowledge and skills to ensure the smooth operation of many laboratories of faculty. Improve and deepen the research department contributed significantly to the expansion of logistics, the development of different ways of painting histological slides, the introduction of new methods of morphological studies (quantitative histochemistry and gistoenzimologiya), establishment of new laboratories (histological, cytological, histochemical, dark room). In general, during the development of the department since its founding (1934) until the end of the twentieth century, its staff has published over 350 scientific papers, trained over 40 doctoral and master\’s theses, research results repeatedly reported in the All-Union, the Inter-regional and national conferences, introduced in the educational process of the department and in the practical work of pathology and clinical departments of medical institutions of the city and the republic.
In 2000, the department was headed by Professor T. Mustafin. The main scientific directions of the department are studying Pathomorphology pyo-inflammatory processes of the abdominal cavity, diabetic foot sepsis, rheumatic heart diseases, improvement of postmortem studies using low-impact technologies. The chair added to new employees – R. Khasanov (1999-2007), AK Imaeva (2001), GD Diveyev and DS Kuklin (2002), IA Sharifgaliev (2004), A . Dvinskikh B. (2005), AM Latypova (2006-2008), E. H. Gaptrakipov (2008). Under the guidance of Professor T. Mustafina at the department were trained in three full-time graduate student, is protected by 5 PhD theses, carried out 3 doctoral and 5 PhD theses. Professor T. Mustafin – author of more than 150 scientific papers, 3 monographs, 18 patents of Russia for inventions and utility models, co-published six guidelines for clinical morphologists, surgeons and other doctors. In 2004, in honor of the 70 th anniversary of the department held Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference \”Actual problems of pathology with the participation of leading specialists from different Russian cities. As a result of the research staff of the department has repeatedly addressed the all-Russian, interregional and republican scientific-practical conferences. In 2002, the department organized cytological laboratory, since 2003, resumed its work Histochemistry Laboratory, since 2006 working laboratory fluorescent microscopy. Planned opening of the immunohistochemical laboratory and the laboratory of electron microscopy. With a strong research base, prepared by the staff composition, the Department provides comprehensive clinical and morphological studies with different nosology. Significant developments have taken place in the organization of educational and methodical work. Each year, the department staff read more than 150 lectures at 5 faculties with the use of multimedia technologies, conducted more than 10 000 hours of practical training. In practice the work place the morning teaching conferences, regularly updated and improved demo content, thematic sets of macro-and micropreparations, organized a computer class. Developed numerous tests, situational problems, examination fees, allowing objective assessment of the level of learning object students. In preparation for the re-certification of high school in 2007-2008, completely renovated educational-methodical complexes for all academic disciplines of the faculty for students of all faculties, issued new training manuals, guidelines (5), monographs (2). Teachers of the department regularly improve their skills on the basis of leading medical universities of the country. In 2007, the Department received a license to engage in postgraduate training in pathology and the course was open IPO. As part of new educational programs trained doctors-interns, medical residents and pathologists. 2007-2008. Department has prepared eight pathologists through internship, which has successfully joined the staff of pathological anatomy service of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Department of Pathological Anatomy

Head of the Department of Pathologic Anatomy, MD, professor Mustafin Tagir Islamnurovich

Currently, the department includes:
• Mustafin Tagir Islamnurovich – Honored Doctor RB, MD, Professor, Chair
• Sharifgaliev Ildar Ashudallovich – PhD, associate professor, department head teacher
• Valeeva Guzel Rifhatovna – PhD, associate
• Safinova Leysen Sharifovna – PhD, associate
• Dmitry Kuklin – PhD, Senior Lecturer
• Dvinskikh Alexei V. – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant
• Gaptrakipov Edward Halilovic – PhD, Assistant Professor.

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