Chair of General Chemistry

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EV Pastushenko, RM Badakshanov

Among the first six departments open in Bashkortostan in 1932, medical school and was chair of general chemistry. In the absence of scientific-pedagogical staff first head of department was appointed Lecturer IV Sushinsky. However, in 1933, two departments – biology and general chemistry have been combined, and lead a united faculty associate EM Gubarev invited from Saratov University. In 1935, these two departments were separated, and the Department of General Chemistry, headed by Assistant IZ Ilyas. In connection with the evacuation, during the Great Patriotic War, arrived in Ufa, many well-known scholars from Ukraine. In 1941-43, GG Department of General Chemistry, headed by prof. SSR Professor ES Burksner.
In the early years of medical school training was theoretical in nature. Only in 1937 was opened on an experimental laboratory and the students started to take a workshop. Department staff involved in the development of scientific topics, the preparation and registration of a dissertation for the degree. Thus, assistant IZ Ilyasov prepared and passed in 1941 to defend his thesis on the topic: \”Some indicators of metabolism in clinical scurvy.\” Young members of the department is actively carried out its first scientific research.
However nagryanuvshaya war changed many plans. Most of the men were at the front, among them, and IZ Ilyas. Only in 1945, he returned from the front, and in 1946 he defended his Ph.D. thesis. Later he worked at the Department of Biological Chemistry lecturer and later head of the department.
From 1943 to 1970 GG Department of General Chemistry, headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor SM Moskovich, who arrived from Ukraine. During this period, performed some research to determine the trace elements (zinc, iodine, manganese, etc.) in water, food and biological fluids. However, the main efforts of the teaching staff have been directed at improving the educational and methodical work. During these years, worked at the Department of assistants Mescherova SH.H., Urazmetova NV, Kuzhakova AT Vakhitova LT, Yuhanova AS, Kilmetova SG and others.
In the 70th century, the 20 heads of departments are updated medical institute. Department of General Chemistry, headed by Professor AT Kuzhakova (Bikkulova), held at Leningrad University graduate and received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry. At the department get new teachers Mustafina RM, Kinyabulatova KZ, Alexeeva LB, Nafikova SH Opened a preparatory department for working and rural youth, where chemistry is taught members of the department Ivlev VJ and Shayakhmetova OV
There is a revitalization and scientific work. Staff of the department has been studying the synthesis of complex compounds tiopirina and its derivatives, heavy metals and their applications in medicine and chemical analysis. The outcome of research is to develop methods of concentration of toxic metals in waste water refining and petrochemical industries.
There is a strengthening of the department of scientific and pedagogical staff. During this period, the chair of university graduates come candidates Sciences Bayazitova EA, Badakshanov RM, Kharisova RN, Azarov, MV The target graduate assistants are sent to the Department Yuhanova AS, Nafikova SH

If before 1970 the department was one PhD – Head of Department S. Moskovich, then by 1980 ostepenennost department is already 70%. During this period, educational and methodical work are positive developments, beginning to be adopted a test form of control current knowledge of students.
Since 1983, the Department of General Chemistry, headed by Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor E. Pastushenko, an eminent specialist in the field of organic synthesis. They found new ways to obtain polyfunctional compounds, which have found application as biologically active compounds and synthons for pharmaceuticals, plasticizers and stabilizers of polymeric materials, fine chemicals. In these studies, also participated Kruglov DE, Gumerova VK, Kostyukevich LL Safiulova GI who became teachers of the department and others.

В 1983 году открывается новая кафедра на фармацевтическом факультете – фармацевтической химии с курсами аналитической и физической химии. In 1983 he opened a new department at the pharmaceutical faculty – pharmaceutical chemistry with the course of analytical and physical chemistry. To strengthen the new Department of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department of general chemistry at the newly opened faculty of Science Candidate translated Badakshanov RM (For a course of analytical chemistry), Kharisova RN (For a course of physical and colloid chemistry), as well as assistant Vakhitova LT
Since early 90-ies of the scientific direction of the department under the guidance of Professor E. Pastushenko moved to the area of healthcare. Biotest developed systems and reagents for clinical laboratory diagnosis of biological components of the body – hemoglobin, albumin, creatinine, urea, glucose, bilirubin, cholesterol, etc.
Since 1995, the Department is co-executor of the republican program \”Laboratory\” in the section \”Development of new methods, reagents, kits and their adaptation to existing devices, and Bashkir Medical University, represented by the Department, is co-executor of the Federal Program of the Ministry of Education of Russia\” Transfer of technology facilities, equipment \”section\” Development and production of kits and chemicals for medicine. \” The main objective of ongoing research department is the development and provision of medical facilities of cities and regions with high-quality domestic diagnostic systems.

Currently the department employs a Ph.D. in chemistry, 8 PhDs, classes on general, inorganic and physical chemistry in all faculties except the Faculty of Higher Nursing. Teachers of the department created for each faculty training manuals, reference books, problem books, control materials. Teachers of faculty are actively working on the guidance of applicants and prepare them for admission to Medical University. The friendly and cohesive team of the Department of General Chemistry, ready to make efforts to meet the new challenges posed by medicine in the new, 21 st century.

Kuzhakova (Bikkulova) Almira Talhaevna
Born in the village Kaltaevo Kuyurgazinskogo area BASSR in 1929. After Muraptalovskoy high school in 1947 entered the chemical department of the Orenburg State Pedagogical Institute, where she graduated in 1951 with honors. Until 1962, worked as a teacher of chemistry in schools BASSR. Since 1962, working as an assistant Department of General Chemistry, Bashkir State Medical Institute. In 1965 – 68 GG enrolled in the graduate department of analytical chemistry at Leningrad University. From 1968 to 1973 – Senior Lecturer, since 1970 – Head of General Chemistry. Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1969, received an associate professor in 1973. In 1983 – 86 GG Senior Research Fellow, working on his doctoral dissertation.
In 1986 he moved to Leningrad, a senior lecturer and post-doctoral – Professor of the Leningrad Pedagogical University.
He has about 150 scientific and educational publications, a number of monographs. Scientific direction – Chemical Occupational bioelementologiya.

Pastushenko Yevgeni
He was born in Ufa in 1950. After leaving school he entered the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Ufa Petroleum Institute in 1968. In 1974 – 77 GG studied in graduate school at the Department of General and Analytical Chemistry.
In 1977 – 83 GG worked as head of the branch laboratory of Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR. Since 1983 – Head of General Chemistry, Bashkir State Medical University. Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1974, Doctor of Sciences in 1986, professor since 1986.
He was awarded the Young Communist League of Bashkortostan and the Lenin Komsomol in 1983 in the field of science. He has more than 200 scientific and educational publications and 30 inventions. He was awarded one gold and three silver Medal for scientific development.
Scientific direction – the reaction of free radical oxidation in biological objects.

Badakshanov Ramil Muhametovich
Born in with. Akhunov Uchalinskiy area BASSR January 9, 1947. In 1966 he graduated from high school Ahunovskuyu with a gold medal.
In 1966 he joined the chemistry department of Kazan University, from which he graduated in 1971 with honors and was left in graduate school at the department of analytical chemistry in preparation for research and educational activities. In 1974 he defended his thesis and was distributed in the Bashkir Medical Institute, which runs from January 1975.
In connection with the discovery of pharmaceutical faculty was transferred in 1983 from the Department of General Chemistry at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, where he organized a course of analytical chemistry and 17 years, he presided. In 2000 he returned to the department of general chemistry. Docent received in 1984. He has more than 120 scientific and educational works. He was elected a foreign member of the New York Academy of Sciences USA (1997), has the honorary title \”Honored Worker of Health of Belarus\” in 1997.
Scientific direction – electrochemical methods of analysis of environmental objects and medicinal compounds.
In recent years engaged in professional orientation of pupils and prepare them for admission to the Medical University.

Bayazitova Elvira Abdullovna
Born in Ufa. After graduating from high school enrolled in the Chemistry Department of Moscow University. In 1958 – 60 GG worked at the Bashkir branch of the USSR. Since 1960 – Lecturer, Chair of General Chemistry, Ufa Aviation Institute. In 1964 – 67 GG studied in graduate school at Moscow State University.
In 1964 – 71 GG – Senior Lecturer, Department of General Chemistry, Ufa Aviation Institute. In 1971 – 74 GG worked at the Ufa Petroleum Institute senior lecturer, then senior lecturer.
From 1974 to 1993 worked as assistant professor of general chemistry of the Bashkir State Medical University. Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1968, rank of associate professor – in 1975.
He has about 80 scientific and educational works. Research interests – chemistry of complex compounds.

Nafikova Svetlana Husainovna
Born in the village of Tau Arkhangelsk region BASSR in 1944. After graduating from high school Abzanovskoy enrolled in Chemistry and Biology Faculty Birsk Pedagogical Institute, where she graduated in 1968.
Works at the Medical University in 1970. In 1973 – 76 GG located in the target postgraduate at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Moscow State University. Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1977, in 1991 awarded the title of assistant professor.
He has about 100 scientific and educational works. Scientific direction – monitoring of the environment of toxic substances.

Gumerova Venus Kamilevna
She was born in Ufa in 1958. In 1980 he graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of Bashkir State University.
In 1981 – 84 GG studied in graduate school at the Department of General and Analytical Chemistry, Ufa Petroleum Institute. PhD thesis defended in 1984. Associate Professor since 1986. Works in the Bashkir Medical University in 1984.
He has about 100 scientific and educational works, 12 inventions. Scientific direction – liquid-phase oxidation of organic compounds.

Kharisova Regina Nugumanovna
Born in 1942 in the Chelyabinsk region Mignard. In 1960, after graduating from high school, enrolls at the Faculty of Chemistry, Bashkir State University. After the chemistry faculty from 1965 to 1969, works as a scientist in the Institute of Petrochemistry. From 1969 to 1972 worked as an assistant, Department of Biochemistry, Bashkir State Medical Institute. From 1972 to 1975 GG studied in the target graduate chemistry department of Moscow University. Since 1976 – assistant of general chemistry. In 1983 he was transferred to the department of pharmaceutical chemistry course for the organization of physical and colloid chemistry. Elected by a senior teacher. In 2002 transferred to the department of general chemistry. Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1976.
Scientific direction – the study of physical-chemical constants of halide complexes tiopirina with heavy metals and other physiologically active substances.
He has about 80 scientific and educational publications, a number of teaching aids. It is thanks to the Ministry of Health.

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