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Heads of department:
1936-1970 years. – Prof. NA Sherstennikov
1970 – 1987 years. – Assoc. MS Safin
1987 – 1997 years. – Assoc. LV Golubev
1997 – 2007 years. – Prof. IM Kharisova
Since 2007 – prof. Sharafutdinova

The chair was founded in October 1936 and was called the Department of Health Organization and in 1967 – the Department of Social Hygiene and Public Health Organization. In 2003, the Department is renamed the Department of Public Health and Health Organization to management courses nursing IPO.
The organizer and first head was Nikolai Sherstennikov, a disciple of the first People\’s Commissar of Health of the RSFSR NA Semashko. Associate Professor Mahmut Salikhovich Safin head worked from 1970 to 1987. From 1987 to 1997, the department in charge of Professor Leonid Golubev, since 1997 – ILMIR Minullovna Kharisova, MD, Professor of Science of Belarus, since 2007 – Nazir Hamzinovna Sharafutdinova, MD, Professor.
The main task of the department – training the future doctors organizational skills, ability to navigate in the contemporary issues of public health, health and medicine in general.
Over the years, the department included such experienced teachers, as in Fig Salihovna Mahmutzyanova-Rice, Valery Yakovlevich Kiselyov, Lyalya Ilalovna Kamalov, Tansylu Sadykovna Ishmuhametova, Waris Zyyakaevich Gumarov, Salyahov Talgat Minyazevich and others.
On the initiative and personal involvement of MS Safina was a museum BGMI.
For over 70 years, the Department successfully solves the major problem of educational-methodological work: improving teaching methods, organization and maintenance of the educational process at the department, improving teaching skills.
Employees of the department in 2008

Now the department has the necessary range of educational and scientific laboratories, providing practical exercises in full, provided the plan, model and work programs for the disciplines. The department has nine classrooms, including computer lab, equipped with personal computers, IBM, Room on the history of medicine, health management, organization of primary health care and educational complex.
To prepare students, interns and residents as a base used by the Department of Medical Information Analysis Center, Center for Medical Prevention, Dyurtyuli CRH polyclinic No 43.
In recent years the department has acquired equipment that allows to optimize the educational and scientific processes: computers, scanner, notebook, video, overhead, a multimedia projector.
The department engaged the students 1, 4, 5, 6 courses of treatment, pediatric, dental, preventive medical faculty in the disciplines: the history of medicine and public health and health care. Students DCG at our department are studying the history of medicine and nursing, public health and health care organization, health economics, the legal framework of public health, management and marketing in health care. In this regard, organized profile training process. Features teaching disciplines respectively profile of the future are reflected in the physician work programs, guidelines for students and recommendations for teachers.
Students of Higher Nursing Education in 1999, performing dissertations. During the period from 1999 to 2008 GG was performed 179 dissertations.
In the learning process using the new forms and methods of learning, a means of enhancing the cognitive activity of students. One way to improve students\’ knowledge is an independent work, which can not be effective without any of detailed, science-based forms of organization. In this regard, the department organized individual extracurricular students, this created room for the development of practical skills, working with teacher measuring materials. For an information security department self-study have been published training manuals and instructions. Over the past 5 years the department faculty published 10 training manuals, 37 methodical development for teachers and guidance for students, including self extracurricular work of students, for industrial practice, the final certification of graduates. The department uses computer-based testing programs in all disciplines. Developed 4 and 2 supervisory training programs.
The department regularly participates in educational conferences BSMU. Teachers of the department constantly raise the level of professional knowledge and skills for organizing the educational process, learn advanced teaching experience at leading universities in Russia, as well as in the School of Teacher Excellence. In 2007, Professor NH Sharafutdinova was recognized as the best director of the department for innovation in education and in 2005, Professor M. Pavlov recognized as the best assistant principal at BSMU. As a result of the All-Russian scientific-practical conference of heads of departments of public health and health care schools in Russia, it was decided to approve the teaching, research and practical work of the Department of Public Health and the Health Organization of the Bashkir State Medical University as a scientific and educational center for training physicians and health care managers in the Republic of Bashkortostan and disseminate the experience of the department of educational and methodical work and teaching of public health and health care, and to recommend to distribute educational materials among the specialized departments of medical universities of Russia.
The main direction of scientific research department – a comprehensive assessment of health of different population groups (children, people of working age, pensioners and working in different industries, the rural population) and development of measures to protect the health of the population of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Employees of the department developed new methodological approaches to studying health and social aspects of socially significant diseases, the ranking of areas by socio-economic and environmental hygiene standards of human life and health, which enables scientists to justify preventive measures and their implementation in practical public health.
The results of research in recent years are summarized in 6 monographs, 450 scientific publications, the department reserved 6 doctoral and 60 master\’s theses. Currently, under the guidance of Professor N. H. Sharafutdinova performed 3 doctoral and 7 PhD theses. The department conducted training in full-time and part-time graduate student.
In the student scientific circle, created at the department in 1936 the first head. Department of NA SHERSTENNIKOV, in recent years studied the health status of different populations, especially children and students. Results of the circle members are reflected in theses and reports on student conferences not only our university but also inter-regional and all-Russian
In the student scientific circle, created at the department in 1936 the first head. Department of NA SHERSTENNIKOV, in recent years studied the health status of different populations, especially children and students. Results of the circle members are reflected in the theses and reports on student conferences not only our university but also inter-regional and all-Russian.
The department has worked extensively with agencies and institutions Ministry of Health and Ufa, participates in the development of normative documents MOH RB, develops guidelines and newsletters for health care institutions involved in the prediction of the main indicators of public health and health care.
The department conducted training of interns in the specialty \”Management of nursing activities, residents in the specialty\” organization of health care and public health. \” The Department participates in the profile commission MZ RB attestation organizers of Health.
The department actively collaborates with the Departments of Public Health and Health Organization of MMA IM Sechenov Medical University, People\’s Friendship University, Kazan State Medical University, etc.

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