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In 1975, the Bashkir Medical Institute was organized by the course of Oncology, which is then reorganized into the department of oncology. The first head was Professor Department of Oncology NP Nikov (1975-1986gg.). From 1986 to 1989, the department in charge of associate professor, MM Murzanov. From 1989 to the present time the Department of Oncology, headed by Professor Gantsev Shamil Hanafievich. In 1999, the Department of Oncology, was reorganized into the Department of Oncology, Radiology and Radiotherapy BSMU. In 2002 the department again was reorganized into the Department of Oncology, Course-IPO. Manages the rate of Oncology IPO MD ON Lipatov. Over the years, worked at the Department of Medical Sciences Dr. VR Ibragimov, AG Pukhov, professors MJ Nazmetdinov, Sh.M. Khusnutdinov, assistants candidates of medical sciences, VG Bebyakin, RT Bakirov, TN Epeykina, FA Sultangaleeva, SR Khasanov, LA Reshetova, RR Rakhimov, GU Ganieva, MG Galeev, RR Badykov, JN Hrizman, Z.Sh. Yumagulov, RF Ganeev, AA Gazizov, LN Kudryashova.
Currently, the department successfully work of Professor AM Khans, ON Lipatov, IR Rakhmatullina, docents, MA Mustafin, VN Ruchkin, Assistant Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences VV Ruchkin.

Educational-methodical complex federal level, created the Department of Oncology BSMU


The department has always been given great attention to improving the educational process. Since 1989, the oncology taught on block principle. Since 1990, the oncology included in the curriculum for pediatric faculty. Oncology is a compulsory subject in medical interns and medical residents of all specialties. In 1995, the Department created a laboratory of new educational technologies, which has been prepared on the basis of an electronic textbook of Oncology, edited by Academician of RAMS VI Chissova. In 2001, an electronic textbook reissued. His presentation was held at the Congress of Oncologists Russia (Kazan). In 2003, the department issued the first Russian electronic textbook “Cancer” with the stamp UMO Defense Ministry, acknowledged for the year-end best Russian textbook. In 2003 and 2004, the Department published 5 textbooks stamped UMO Defense Ministry. A major achievement for all the years the department was the publication of the textbook “Oncology for medical students to Russia stamped UMO MO (2004). Textbook published by the publishing house MIA (Moscow), reprinted in 2006. Employees of Department of published manuals on current issues in oncology, trained tens of computer programs for training and testing of students who repeatedly presented to the teaching competitions, an electronic-monitoring Training Complex Oncology »(E-LEARNING« ONCOLOGY ») for educational institutions of higher vocational education, was nominated in 2007 for the award of the RF Government in the field of education.
In 2007, the publisher MSA (Moscow) issued “Guidelines for practical training in oncology” stamped UMO MO. In 2008 published the Atlas of Cancer “(co-authored with Academician of the RAS and RAMS, RAMS President Mikhail Davydov), which is recognized as the best educational publication in 2008 as part of the contest” The best educational publication “, held at the 250 th anniversary of the MMA them. Sechenov.

Over the years, the Department holds leading positions in the university on the basis of educational and methodical work. The logical result of the continuous improvement of teaching and methodical process, the department was that solve problem of educational-methodical commission of oncology RF BSMU Department of Oncology Department of Oncology, recognized as the best among Russian universities for the creation of educational and methodical complex textbook-atlas-workshop on electronic media. For the first time in 2006, held visiting session of the Problem of educational-methodical commission of oncology Russia at the Department of Oncology BSMU, which was attended by Head of the Department of the leading universities of Russia. At the meeting of the Problem Commission discussed the teaching of oncology in terms of reforming the education system, the transition to the Bologna Declaration. Were identified tactical and strategic objectives to improve the quality of training in oncology at Russian universities.

The Department paid great attention to scientific work. Under the guidance of Professor SH.H. Manganese performed more than 150 master’s and doctoral theses. Prof. SH.H. Gantsev is chairman of the Dissertation Council D 208.006.04 for doctoral and master’s theses in the field 14.00.14 – oncology, 14.00.29 – Hematology and Blood Transfusion, MD IR Rakhmatullina – Scientific Secretary, MD ON Lipatov and prof. AM Khans – council members. Employees of the department issued more than 2000 scientific papers, received more than 40 patents.

Teachers of the Department of Oncology, are actively involved in the process of medical offices clinic. Actively participate in rounds, consultations, operations are the norm and the basic principle of the staff of the department. During the last 5 years in the practice of clinical units implemented more than 100 new methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Department of Oncology is actively involved in the training of doctors oncologists in clinical studies. In all my years at the department generated more than 50 medical residents, and over the past 15 years – 45 doctors, most of whom work in the offices of the Bashkir Oncological Dispensary (VN Ruchkin, A. Vorobiev, R. T. Ayupov, R. Rakhimov, DD Amineva, T. Petrovetskaya, VK Shakurov, R. Khalikov, T. Bochkova etc.).

Members of the problematic educational-methodical commission in Ufa


Department staff are actively involved in public life at different levels. Prof. SH Gantsev is the President of the Association of Oncologists of Bashkortostan, the Chairman of the problem commission Oncology BSMU, a member of the editorial board of the magazine “Russian Journal of Cancer”, “Palliative medicine and rehabilitation”, “Tyumen Medical Journal, Medical Journal of Bashkortostan.
Department staff are well-deserved rewards for long-term, fruitful work in the field of training of medical personnel. Prof. SH.H. Gantsev awarded the Medal of Honor (2008), medals “Professional of Russia”, “For courage and humanism” For contribution to the development of medicine and health, literacy Russian Foundation for Palliative Care “for the creation of scientific school, diploma, Academy of Sciences of Belarus for the best scholarly article . Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation. MD IR Rakhmatullina awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Education (2006), MD ON Lipatov – Diploma of the Ministry of Health and Social Development (2008).

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