Chair of Surgery and Surgical Anatomy Course-IPO MI. PROF. VM Romankevich

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Chair of Surgery and Surgical Anatomy Course-IPO MI. PROF. VM Romankevich

The founder of the department was Vladimir Romankevich, who was its head in the years 1934-1968.

In the period of the faculty research explored the forms of variability of organs and systems in terms of their practical importance;

1. “Variability of bronchial plexus” PhD thesis;
2. “Jugular vein of an adult,” doctoral dissertation, 1962

In those years have been defended their dissertations assistant Bikmuhametovoy HS Types of branching superior laryngeal nerve, and his alcoholism with dysphagia – PhD thesis,
1950; assistant Nigmatullin AV “Proceedings of the variability of the ears of the human heart” – PhD thesis, 1963;
assistant Kuznetsov VV “Proceedings of the variability of human pericardium – PhD thesis, 1964

In the years 1968-1983. department was headed by Professor Hava Safiullovna Bikmuhametova.
Topic chair: “Anatomical and experimental studies.

Under her leadership, were anatomical and experimental studies:
1. Bikmuhametova HS Topography of extracardiac nerves reflexogenic neck and block them in acute myocardial infarction “, doctoral dissertation, 1972
2. Konychev AV “Damage to the lungs in acute pancreatitis”, PhD thesis, 1984
3. Usmanov, VA “Morphological and functional changes of microcirculation of mesentery in acute myocardial infarction”, PhD thesis, 1981
4. Bulygin LG “Mechanisms of regulation of blood volume and plasma in acute myocardial infarction (experimental study) PhD thesis, 1984
5. Khasanov RA “Comparative evaluation of methods of conservation of tooth germs” PhD thesis, 1986

In the years 1988 -1995. department in charge of Professor Vladimir Dmitrievich Zakharchenko.
The department develops research – research problem: “Structural – functional changes in the bodies of microvascular blood and lymph circulation in experimental models of pathological conditions (acute myocardial ischaemia, myocardial infarction, shock, toxemia, acute blood loss, krovezameschenie, thermal injury, etc.) According to the results of research assistant professor VD Zakharchenko in 1989 was carried out, but was not protected by a doctoral thesis on “The Role of the lymphatic system in the regulation of blood circulation in acute myocardial ischemia.
Under his leadership, defended his Ph.D. dissertation:
1. Pavlov VN “Violations of the lymph during the burn injury and ways of their correction, 1992
2. Khamitov, TE “Mioplasticheskaya reinnervation paralyzed facial muscles biomaterials series Alloplant, 1994
Until 2005, Zakharchenko VD worked at the department as assistant professor, conducted workshops with students of medical and dental faculties, lectured.
Over the years, the department included such teachers as
• Usmanov Valley Askhatovich – Assistant 1978-1985, the
• Gaziev Reef Khafizovich – Assistant 1974-1976, the
• Kalmykov, Vladimir Nikolaevich – Assistant 1966-1973, the
Amelin • Boris G. – Assistant 1970-1975, the
• Miftakhov Ghali Miftahovich – Associate Professor 1975-1980, the
• Nigmatullin Alfia Valeevna – Associate Professor 1958-2000, the
• Bikmullina Mary Magasumovna – assistant, assistant 1934-1944, the
• Vladimir V. Kuznetsov – Assistant 1956-1965, the
• Muhametrahimov Rashid Fatihovich – clinical intern 1961-1963, the
• Macuxi VM – Associate Professor 1963-1984, the
• Shamgulov Fatih Habrahmanovich – Assistant 1981-1984, the
• Radmir Anvar Hasanov – art. assistant 1981-1990 PM
Since 1996, the department headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor Mars Timerbulatovich Yuldashev.

Chair of Surgery and Surgical Anatomy Course-IPO MI. PROF. VM Romankevich

Subjects of research closer to the surgery – “Development of new sparing operations in traumatic injuries of parenchymatous organs in the experiment. The development of new modifications of surgical interventions on the internal organs.
These problems are protected by two PhD thesis:
1. “Experimental and clinical development of a new method epitsistokutaneostomy for the rehabilitation of patients with intravesical obstruction” Yuldashev SM, 2000
2. “Experimental and clinical development of organ sparing operation in traumatic spleen” Valitova IO, 2004
Under the guidance of Professor Yuldasheva MT the department re-drafted the entire teaching and methodical documentation, work programs for all faculty, teaching development for students, guidelines for teachers.
After the renovation and upgrading of the department created all the conditions for teaching students: individual classrooms with new equipment, room for a demonstration video. According to modern design is designed academic anatomical museum, equipped with an experimental surgery, re-established histological laboratory. In the process of teaching and lecturing uses modern display material. The State Department is fully staffed by attracting young professionals and surgeons. There is active research work on the cathedral themes.

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