DEPARTMENT Otorhinolaryngology

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The discipline Otorhinolaryngology
Department Head, MD, professor Nina Aref\’eva
Phone: 251 – 03 – 39

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology are trained medical students, pediatric, dental and preventive medical faculties.
By a group of interns, medical residents.
Works Course Advanced Medical Institute of Postgraduate Education.
In 2003, on behalf of the Problem of the Russian educational-methodical commission and upon the recommendation of Educational and methodical association of medical and pharmaceutical education in Russian higher education faculty prepared and published the textbook \”Immunotsitologicheskie research in rhinology\”, \”Clinical Lectures on otorhinolaryngology\” and \”Clinical Lectures of otology \”for students and students of postgraduate training.

Over the past 10 years under the guidance of Professor NA Aref\’eva reserved 2 Doctor (OV Stratieva, LF Aznabaeva) and 12 candidate (LF Aznabaeva, OV Stratieva, FA Khafizova, TM Yanborisov, AR Syrtlanov, FA Kilsenbaeva, ML Sukharev, Mashko PN, Gumerova AM. VI, Trofimova NV, Sultanov, NM, Sharipov ER) theses. Ostepenennost department staff is 90%.
The main directions of research: Immunology in Otolaryngology, ear microsurgery, reconstructive surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses.
Engaged in research on problems of suppurative-inflammatory diseases of ENT organs 2 doctors and 4 Ph.D. dissertations.
Over the last 5 years published – more than 240 publications including 10 monographs, methodical recommendations – 48, teaching aids – 5.

Obtained eight patents, granted 38 licenses for rationalization proposals;
Organized and conducted 16 conferences, including: four international-level conferences of the Russian Five, seven conferences of the National level.
Monthly meetings are held at the Department of Students\’ Scientific Circle. A contest performed at the department works, the best work submitted to the school scientific – practical conference of students. Each year, the department circle members win prizes, not only in Ufa, but also in cities of Russia – St. Petersburg, Kazan, Novgorod, Vologda, Moscow.

Medical and advisory work is carried out on medical databases of the Department (RCH, DRKB, IBC No 5, emergency hospital No 22, GKB No 21).
Introduced new methods of ear, nose, plastic surgery, methods immunorehabilitation – only 52 of the introduction.
For practicing physicians are published guidelines.
Employees of the department is Chef work in 5-district offices, RB (Sterlitamak, Neftekamsk, town October, city Sibai, Salavat).
Monthly, last Friday of each month, held meetings of the Association otolaryngologist RB, where members of the department and invited leading ENT specialists from Russia stand in terms of improving postgraduate specialty.
Department staff are members of the subcommittee on specialty certification \”Otolaryngology\” at Ministry of Health and Certification Commission BSMU, Professor Aref\’eva NA is mainly freelance ENT specialist MH RB, Ass. Filippova, LF – Mostly as a freelance children\’s ENT spretsialistom MH RB, ass. Khafizova FA – Mainly visiting ENT specialist KM Ufa

Prospects for the department identified the study of the aetiological role of intracellular pathogens (viruses) in the formation of chronic respiratory diseases, immune disorders in this pathology, and method of immune recovery.
Developed functional and reconstructive plastic surgery for sinusitis.
Actively introduced endoscopic methods of surgery in diseases of the nose and ear and hearing-impaired people rehabilitation electroacoustic correction of hearing.
The department has a good research potential, experienced teaching staff, highly qualified medical personnel.

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