Department of Pediatrics

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Head: Esther Isaakovna Etkin, MD, Professor

Currently, the Department of Pediatrics are 4 associate professors and 5 assistants.
Associate Professor Larissa Gurieva Lvovna graduated pediatric faculty BGMI with honors in 1979. From 1979 to 1981. held clinical internship at the Department of Childhood Illness BGMI, then worked as director of children\’s section of the National Cardiology Clinic. Gurieva LL was trained in graduate school part-time from 1991 to 1995. the Research Institute of Pediatrics and Children Surgery, and 01. In 1996 she defended her thesis on the topic: \”Clinical-pathogenetic variants of myocardial dystrophy in young athletes.\” Gurieva LL since 1988 – Assistant of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics BGMI, and since 1998 – Associate Professor of Childhood Illness BSMU, a pediatrician higher category. Gurieva LL awarded diplomas BSMU, MH RB; is thanks to Health Ministry. He has 57 scientific publications.
Associate Biktasheva Alfia Rimovna graduated pediatric faculty BGMI with honors in 1991. After internship and clinical residency at the Department of Childhood Illness (from 1993 to 1995.) Worked as an assistant of the same department. Biktashevoy AR defended his Ph.D. dissertation in 1999 on the topic: \”Clinical and immunological basis of preparation\” Inferon \”in children with asthma. Biktasheva AR since 2003 – Associate Professor of Childhood Illness BSMU, a pediatrician higher category. Has 66 published works.
Associate Sakaeva Gulnara Dabirovna graduate pediatric faculty BGMI with honors in 1990 after completion of internship and clinical residency at the Department of Childhood Illnesses (from 1991 to 1993.) Worked as a children\’s ward of the National Cardiology Clinic. Sakaeva GD was trained in graduate school part-time at the Department of Childhood Illness BSMU in 1996-2000. PhD thesis Sakaevoy GD protected in 2000 on the theme: \”somatoform autonomic nervous system dysfunction in adolescents and integrative methods in the complex treatment. Sakaeva GD since 1999 – Lecturer, Chair of Childhood Illness BSMU, and since 2004 – Associate Professor of the same department, a pediatrician highest category, is thanks MH RB. Has 37 publications, an improvement suggestion.
Associate Fazylova Alla Arkad\’evna graduated with honors from pediatric faculty BGMI in 1992 Fazylova AA in 1994-1996. studied in clinical internship on the basis of Department of Pediatrics No 3 BSMU. In 1996-1998. was a full-time graduate student at Department of Pediatrics No 3 BSMU in 1998 for achievements in studies and research work awarded scholarships of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan. In 1998 she defended her thesis on \”Clinical and immunological basis of sporobakterina and baktisporina in intestinal dysbiosis in early childhood. Fazylova A. Since 1997, she worked as an assistant Department of Pediatrics BSMU, and since 2005 – associate professor of the same department. Fazylova AA – a doctor – a pediatrician highest category, has 68 publications, an improvement suggestion, awarded diploma BSMU.
The department teaching assistants: MD Babenkova m LI, Orlova NA, Danilova LY, Ramazanova NN, Yakuta SE
The department drafted guidelines for students and teachers on all topics of workshops and lectures published teaching materials compiled thematic slides and videotapes; cassettes with recordings of lectures. There is a range of educational and methodical documentation. It is widely implemented advanced forms of control of students\’ knowledge: the holding of their certification, testing. Practical skills of students are closely monitored during Curatio patients. The final level of learning subjects assessed by situational tasks and control tests.
The department has published more than 300 scientific publications over the past 10 years, 3 monographs, published information and teaching writing at the MOH RB, decorated 25 rationalization proposals, obtained a copyright certificate for the invention. Staff members make presentations and poster presentations at international conferences, congresses and conventions, are published in the international press.
Over the past 14 years, defended 14 theses (of which 1 for the title of Doctor of Medicine). The main directions of scientific activity of the Department of Childhood Illness:
• Study the problem of Immunology of bronchial asthma in children;
• Studying the health of children with disabilities;
• The status of endocrine and antioxidant systems of preschool children living in conditions of technogenic pollution;
• Study of state microbiocenosis intestine in young children and ways to correct the violations;
• Clinical and cytogenetic study of chromosome diseases in children of Belarus;
• Study of autonomic homeostasis in adolescents with chronic physical overstrain, with arterial hypertension and hypotension;
• The role of intracellular infection in the formation of pathology in children;
• Optimizing the treatment of children with intracellular infection;
• Genetic aspects of allergic diseases in children.

A large spa and advisory work on the basis Clinics BSMU, pulmonary sanatorium for children of preschool age, children\’s home No 3.
Department of childhood diseases is constantly introducing into clinical practice new methods of investigation and treatment of patients.
Department staff constantly supervise patients involved in the general rounds, advising of heavy patients.

Department history

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