Chair of Faculty Therapy

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1st row: LA Ibragimov, RM Fazlyeva, GH Mirsaeva
2-th row: GA Muhetdinova, GK Makeyev, G. Filippov, GA Mavzyutova, LF. Maksyutova, ER Kamaeva, NR Saha

Chair of Faculty Therapy

Chair of Faculty Therapy

Since 1987, the department is headed by Honored Scientist of Russia, Honored Doctor RB, MD, Professor RM Fazlyeva, which gave the department a new, high scientific, educational and clinical level that meets all modern requirements of high school.
The scientific activity of Professor RM Fazlyevoy devoted to the study of pathology of hemostasis in diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive and kidney. As a result of research RM Fazlyevoy and her students obtained new data on the role of endothelial-platelet hemostasis and early diagnosis of intravascular coagulation.

In 1987-1997, Professor RM Fazlyeva led the clinical part of the republican scientific program through the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, dedicated to the study of various aspects of the pathogenesis, early diagnosis and treatment of the boundary for RB disease – HFRS. Have been developed modern methods of early diagnosis and pathogenetic treatment of HFRS. On the instructions of the WHO defined the criteria for severity of illness.
Being studied health status convalescent HFRS to develop programs for their medical and social rehabilitation, clarify the role of the transferred HFRS in the formation of chronic kidney disease and hypertension. All research results are widely implemented in practical public health of the republic.
Professor RM Fazlyevoy and co-written seven monographs, published over 450 scientific papers. Her pupils are protected 6 doctoral theses, including: head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Professor DH Hunafinoy, head of the Department of Hospital Therapy No 1, Professor EG Mutalovoy, head of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery IPO BSMU, Professor LB Novikova and head of the Department of Infectious Diseases IPO BSMU, Professor DA Valishinym, and 19 Ph.D. theses. The research results were reported at many Russian international symposiums, congresses and conferences (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Istanbul, Eilat, Atlanta, etc.). A scientific school of Professor RM Fazlyevoy (her students – Professor Hans Mirsaeva, LA Ibragimova, docents GA Mavzyutova, AR Avzaletdinova and others), has received deserved recognition among domestic and foreign scientists.
Professor RM Fazlyeva is a member of the presidium and the board of the Russian Society of Nephrology, a member of two doctoral dissertation councils BSMU, the first laureate of GN Teregulov under the Presidium of the Republic of Belarus. Her name is entered in the encyclopedia – Russian scientists.
The department worked hard to improve and optimize the teaching and methodical process. Established modern educational-methodical complexes discipline “internal medicine” for students studying in the field in medical care, “Pediatrics,” Medico-prophylactic work “, as well as for doctors-interns and medical residents specializing in therapy.” Since 1994, all educational and methodical work of the department is focused on GOS VPO. In order to optimize the educational process at the department are actively introducing innovative educational technology, including technical means of verification of students’ knowledge. From 2004 on the initiative RM Fazlyevoy chair one of the first BSMU switched to lecturing in all faculties with the use of multimedia projection. As a result of the annual appraisal department of faculty therapy is one of the leading BSMU level of methodological support of educational process, publishing, introduction of educational technologies, and Head of Department, Professor RM Fazlyeva has a consistently high rating in BSMU on deposit and improvement of educational and methodical work of the department and the university.

The department has two professors (GH Mirsaeva, LA Ibragimov), 4 associate professors (GK Makeyev, GA Mavzyutova, GA Muhetdinova, AR Avzaletdinova), 4 assistants ( G. Filippova, LF Maksyutova, ER Kamaeva, NN Palkina), Senior Assistant NV Stepanova and two laboratory assistants.

All teaching staff have been learning in school, residency and postgraduate, have a doctoral or PhD degree of Science, are experienced doctors and therapists of the highest and first qualifying category.

Chair of Faculty Therapy
GH Mirsaeva, Professor, MD Works in 1992 as an assistant, then professor of the department. It is primarily a freelance nephrologist MH RB, Honored Doctor RB. Scientific Secretary of the doctoral dissertation council D 208.006.03. Made a major scientific contribution to the study of the pathogenesis of HFRS and the development of modern methods of pathogenetic treatment. Develops scientific problem of health convalescent HFRS and programs for their rehabilitation. Author of three books and 180 scientific papers. Under her leadership, defended 7 PhD theses. Supervisor 3 candidates for a degree, working on the problems of pulmonology and nephrology. GH Mirsaeva – an experienced educator, responsible for R & D department and the organization of educational process of students specializing in Pediatrics. He is responsible for organizing and conducting elective courses “Pathology of hemostasis in the clinic of internal diseases” and “Emergency conditions in the clinic of internal diseases.

Chair of Faculty Therapy
LA Ibragimov, professor, MD, working since 1987 as an assistant, associate professor, then professor of the department. Carried out research intracardiac, pulmonary and central hemodynamics in patients with HFRS, which formed the basis for doctoral dissertation. The author of three books and 180 scientific papers. Supervisor 2 candidates for a degree, working on problems of Cardiology. Is responsible for organizing and conducting the elective course “Fundamentals of ECG for medical students and pediatric departments. Has served several tours in areas of Belarus to provide medical advice to the public. She was awarded a badge “Excellent Health of the RF”.

Chair of Faculty Therapy
GK Makeyev – MD, since 1979 working at the department in 1979 as an assistant, and since 1994 – Associate Professor. The main direction of research GK Makeeva – problems Gastroenterology. More than 15 years is responsible for the educational work of the department, which is recognized as one of the best in BSMU. Actively develop the learning process of modern educational technologies. An experienced clinician, is the honorary title “Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Belarus”. She was awarded honorary Central Council of Trade Unions “for active work in the union group, the Jubilee Medal” For Valiant Labor in commemoration of 100 anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin, “Diploma of Ufa, Bashkortostan MH.

Chair of Faculty Therapy
GA Mavzyutova
Associate professor, MD, since 1994 as an assistant and then associate professor of the department. He is responsible for the department to work together with health authorities. Proven clinical efficacy of interferon in the treatment of HFRS. Successfully working on his doctoral dissertation on the pathogenesis of community-acquired pneumonia. He is a talented author and a brilliant organizer of special events at the department and the hospital.

Chair of Faculty Therapy
GA Muhetdinova, associate professor, MD, since 2003 as an assistant and then associate professor of the department. Is the head teacher of the department and responsible for organizing educational and methodical work with students with a degree in Medical-preventive work. ” Working on his doctoral dissertation on the pathology of respiratory organs in HFRS.

AR Avzaletdinova, associate professor, Ph.D., working since 1995 as an assistant and then associate professor of the department. During graduate studies under the guidance of RM Fazlyevoy a Fellow of the President of Belarus. Working on his doctoral dissertation devoted to health convalescent HFRS. He is deputy head of the health administration of city district Ufa Bashkortostan. Awarded Diploma of Ufa, Bashkortostan MH.

LF Maksyutova, MD, deputy. dean of the medical faculty to work together with health authorities, working as an assistant since 2003. Actively involved in organizing educational and methodical process to students with a degree in Medical-preventive work. ” Is responsible for the work of student scientific circle chair. Performs research on cardiology.

GV Filippova, MD, PhD, a veteran labor working at the department since 1970, qualified, experienced educator and clinician. For the first time in the country studied the medicinal properties in treating diseases kumys hepatobiliary system in vnekurortnyh conditions. Over 15 years of successful work performed outcast department. Repeatedly traveled to areas of Belarus to provide medical advice to practical health care. She was awarded a badge “Excellent Health of Belarus”, the medal “Veteran of Labour”. Diploma of the Soviet District of Ufa, Bashkortostan MH.

GF Amirov, MD, PhD, Department since 1991. Research dedicated to the immunological problems of HFRS. It is primarily a specialist in clinical and expert work of the organization of medical care to adults Health Administration. Responsible for the work of the elective course for emergency treatment in the clinic of internal medicine for students of medical-prophylactic faculty.

ER Kamaeva, assistant chair, prepares to defend his thesis on the Pulmonology. Trade-union department.

NN Palkin, assistant lecturer in 2007, defended her thesis on the issue of Cardiology.

Teaching job at the department successfully combine with the main manager of the therapy department MU II Hospital No 5, KM Mr. SY Papkov and MD OL Andriyanova – a pupil of Professor RM Fazlyevoy.

Veteran Labour Department and is a senior laboratory BSMU NV Stepanova. Powered by the department since 1971. With a higher biological entity actively engaged in conducting research through the Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Responsible for maintaining documentation department. Supports the comfort and order department.

Thus, the Department staff has a good micro-climate, high workload, have good potential for further creative, educational, research and clinical work.

Chair of Faculty Therapy

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